Editorial: Execution Overkill

WOIO Editorial: Execution Overkill

Dennis McGuire deserves little sympathy, certainly not from this corner.

The Ohio inmate spent more than two decades on death row, after attacking, sodomizing and stabbing his female victim to death. While McGuire will never know the pain and terror he inflicted on his victim, he did, however, deserve a quick and decisive execution by the state.

McGuire's execution was the first time anywhere that utilized a controversial cocktail that included a combination painkiller and sedative.  By all accounts, it didn't go well. McGuire gasped and weezed for twenty minutes before succumbing to the untested method.

And now, human right lawyers are demanding a halt to future executions, claiming the procedure is unconstitutional. Well we aren't going to argue that issue.

I think we all agree in a civilized society, even a cold-hearted killer should be put to death as humanely as possible.

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