Woman attacked on campus of CSU -- suspect is sex offender

Woman attacked on campus of CSU -- suspect is sex offender

19 Action News has learned that a female student was attacked in broad daylight this week on the campus of Cleveland State University. City court records match up to county court records showing the suspect is a registered sex offender.

The incident happened Monday morning as a woman was walking near a parking garage and the University Administration Building. Court records show a man came up, asked her name, grabbed her hand, and then kissed her in the mouth.

Then oddly, police say the suspect grabbed the woman's cell phone and put his number in it.

Police later arrested William Lane.

The school did send out an alert but students are just finding out from us that Lane is a convicted sex offender.

CSU police have not yet released the report, so more about this incident remains a mystery.

Even with an arrest, students are still a bit nervous. One student told 19 action news, "The fact that this happened at 10:30 in the morning is kinda scary. Makes me nervous walking to my classes."

Another student told us she just went out and bought pepper spray.

CSU says it has beefed up some patrols and the school has a smartphone APP to help students call police even faster than dialing 911.

That APP is called Viking Shield.

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