Ashtabula Triple Shooting: Daughter says bullets were meant for someone else

Ashtabula Triple Shooting: Daughter says bullets were meant for someone else

ASHTABULA, OH (WOIO) - In a very emotional interview, a young woman explains to 19 Action News Reporter Scott Taylor that her family was devastated after she says the gunmen targeted the wrong house.

Two men broke into a Ashtabula duplex and started shooting Monday afternoon, January 27, killing Lydia Aviles and her 20-year-old son Alexis.

Lydia's oldest son Benny was also shot but is still alive.

Lydia Aviles' youngest daughter says that her family was not involved in anything illegal and that the shooters just picked the wrong family.

She also says she's concerned because the shooters are still on the run.

"My brothers were everything. They were my best friends," says Lydia's daughter.

Benny is a very talented artist, as was Alexis.

Benny has hopes of being hired at Disney as an animator.

"They are the best drawers I have ever seen. I don't know anybody else who could draw better than them," she added.

Lydia moved back from Florida this past summer to help her children.

"It was the wrong family. I know it was the wrong family. Someone knows something. They need to tell. They need to contact authorities because they know something. They have to know something," explains the young woman.

A memorial fund has been set up through any First Merit Bank under the Mook-Aviles-Colon family name.

Lydia's daughter is asking for everyone's help to track down her family's killers.

"They didn't deserve any of this. My mom would've taken a bullet for all of us," she says.

Benny is still fighting for his life at MetroHealth Medical Center.

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