Animal Abuse?: Beagles left out in the cold

Animal Abuse?: Beagles left out in the cold

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has uncovered another case of what many are calling animal abuse.

Two beagles left out in the cold. Their owner, wasn't breaking any laws -- but animal activists say it was inhumane.

Colt and Hunter are two beagles that were left out 24/7, in sub zero temps, in a wood and chicken wire hutch in Youngstown.

"I was so appalled to think these little dogs were freezing to death in a box," said Barb Marlowe.

Barb Marlowe of Concord read a gut wrenching account on Facebook from someone who reported it in Youngstown.

Soon the outcry grew and the push to get these guys out of the ice box exploded!

"I will not let it go. I'm like a dog on a bone! I will NOT let it go," Barb yelled.

Technically under Ohio law the owner wasn't breaking any laws.

"Somebody needs to raise the bar," said Barb. "Somebody needs to think about common sense."

Their owner said it made them better rabbit hunters, getting acclimated to sub zero temperatures.

"Well if he's a hunter why not let him be outside in a box and see if he becomes a better hunter because he needs to be acclimated to the cold," questioned Barb.

And the pressure from the small army behind these beagles was enough...the owner has surrendered Colt and Hunter.

They are now up for adoption.

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