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Browns won't adopt variable ticket pricing, for now

Variable ticket pricing has been a source of contention for baseball fans all over the country. Football fans might be soon joining the gripe. The Detroit Lions have become the first NFL team to implement the system into their ticket prices. The Browns told Crains Business Cleveland that they will "probably" not use the system this year. That leaves the door open for doing it down the road.

Variable ticket pricing is a system used by most MLB and NBA teams that makes more desirable games more expensive to attend than less desirable games. What factors make a game less or more desirable? Usually it's the opponent and the calendar. In baseball, a game against the Yankees will cost more than a game against Kansas City. A Saturday game in July will cost more than a Tuesday night game in April.

There could be one benefit to it for NFL fans if their teams go to the flexible pricing, preseason games might finally cost less. Fans have complained for years that they're being charged regular season prices for a substandard game. Variable ticket pricing likely would drop the cost of those games, but at the expense of paying more for that game against the Steelers.

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