ESPN's Chad Ford- "Kyrie wants out"

ESPN's Chad Ford- "Kyrie wants out"

In his weekly chat on, NBA Insider Chad Ford said on Thursday that he's hearing Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving wants out. Ford also talked about how GM Chris Grant is on the hot seat and how the team needs to turn it around. That part isn't really news, the Irving info is.

This was what Ford said when asked about whether or not Cavs brass was on the hot seat, and how active they'd be at the trading deadline.

Virtually every GM in the league believes that Grant will be gone this summer if things don't get turned around this season. He doesn't have much time. The thinking is that there's no way Dan Gilbert is going to let him make another lottery pick if that's the direction the Cavs end up heading. Grant's goal (via his owner) is to get this team competitive and into the playoffs. The Deng move was supposed to help. But so far ... nothing. Chemistry is a major issue there and some of that is on Mike Brown. But more of it is on the collection of players in Cleveland at the moment. Something has to happen quick. Kyrie Irving has been telling people privately he wants out. Cleveland can't afford to lose him and LeBron. They know the urgency. I expect them to be major players at the deadline.

Irving cannot be an unrestricted free agent until 2016, so if Ford is right, the Cavs still have time to change his mind. Whether it is true or not, the story still does not help the organization's credibility. They've already under achieved this year and their draft record looks suspect. Now there is a report that their best player wants to leave. Things could not be going much worse for Cavaliers management.

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