Officer shoots two exotic dogs

Officer shoots two dogs

An off duty officer says that he had to shoot and kill two vicious dogs in order to protect lives.

"It was scary like some Cujo. You know if anybody ever saw the movie Cujo, that's how these dogs were, very frightening," says Ray Hardy.

Hardy says he feared for his life January 29th when the neighbor's three dogs including a Shepherd and two King Corsos attacked him outside his Cleveland home on East 100th Street.

"They were mauling at me," says Hardy, "one of them got a hold of my foot. The other one ripped my coat all up."

Hardy says he had to jump onto his car to escape them, and then he called 911.

According to Hardy, minutes later two of the dogs returned, this time attacking a man walking down the street.

"He was screaming, and some brave lady in a white car came up and helped him out," says Hardy.

The good samaritan pulled the man to safety into her car, but not before the dogs went after her.

An off duty Cleveland Metropolitan School District Police Officer saw the dogs charge.

The officer tried to stop them but says he was forced to shoot and kill the animals.

"They are not vicious or mean," says Halema Hamidam, the dogs' owner.

Hamidam says she doesn't know how her dogs named Silver and Butchy got out of their gated yard.

"I think they're making this up," says Hamidam.

She says she's upset the officer shot and killed her pets when she thinks he could have spared their lives.

"He could have tased them or let my son get them because they do respond to their name," says Hamidam.

Hardy disagrees, "I thought that they were going to eat me alive."

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