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Parent of Gibson Co. student says teacher to blame for bullying


Bullying is an ongoing problem in many schools and one family is blaming someone in the classroom, who's not a student. 

Chad and Kim Dudley say Oakland City Elementary School failed to do its job to protect one of its own students, their sixth grade daughter.

"She is a wonderful kid and for her to have to go through this and hate school," said Chad. "That's not right."

Chad says his daughter has been bullied by her male classmates since the beginning of the school year. Dudley says he discussed the issue with the parents and the principal this week. He says he thought the problem was fixed.

"Children do make mistakes," said Chad. "I do understand that."

Chad says on Monday an email was sent to the sixth grade teachers at Oakland City Elementary addressing the bullying, students hissing and making faces at his daughter, something Chad says a teacher then encouraged.

"As this individual being a teacher, who is supposed to mold my child into being a better human being to condone and provoke this activity, I have a serious problem with that," said Chad.

His daughter will now be attending school in Illinois

"This is the first time I've seen a smile on her face in a long time," he said.

Her teacher, Chad says, has not been punished. He says not enough is being done, but the superintendent of the East Gibson School Corporation says he always takes bullying seriously. 

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