Super food ideas for the Super Bowl

Super food ideas for the Super Bowl

The West Side Market was buzzing with shoppers gearing up for the big game as vendors were pitching regional fare to show your fandom.

If you're backing the Broncos this weekend, try a Colorado favorite. Bison.

Kayleigh Wojtylak from DA Russ Meats says, "The easiest and most cost efficient way to go would be either hot dogs, burgers, maybe some ground beef for sliders.  Another good thing to do, roll up some meatballs, put them in marinara and horseradish.  It' delicious."

For Seattle fans, think seafood.

Classic seafood expects to sell a ton of tuna, shrimp, clams and oysters.  One worker said, "we've got some wonderful halibut, some wonderful salmon for the people from Seattle.  They don't have to toss it to one another, we'll give it right to them."

Skip Williams from Kate's Fish says the west coast king crab legs will be a crowd pleaser too.

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