Rams owner buys 60 acre plot after rumors come of team moving

Rams owner buys 60 acre plot after rumors come of team moving

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke purchased a 60 acre plot in Los Angeles, if the rumors of the Rams moving back to LA are true, it looks like the wheels could already be in motion. Inglewood, California would be the exact setting if Kroenke decides to develop a new stadium for his team, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Walmart sold the plot to a New York based holding company in January. Richard Kennard, the man in charge of selling unwanted real estate for Walmart, said Friday that the company usually only sells to "people who are going to develop."

Kroenke has deep ties to the mega retail chain, he is married to the daughter of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton, and has also served on Walmart's company board.

If he wants to move his team back to Los Angeles, there will still be plenty of red tape to go through with the NFL. He would have to file a transfer application with the league and would also need the 24 owner approval vote for a move to be official.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday that the league is aware of the purchase and that there are no current developmental plans for an NFL stadium."Stan is a very large developer on a global basis," Goodell said. "He has kept us informed of it. There's no plans for stadium development."

The Rams would be able to move after the 2014 season as there are no current developmental plans in St Louis either. Signed in 1995, the Rams 30-year lease agreement states that the team can get out of the lease 10 years early if Edward Jones Dome isn't in the top 25 percent of all NFL stadiums, meaning the stadium would have to be one of the top eight stadiums in the league.

The Rams made a proposal for renovation of the dome which would have cost around $700 million. The company that runs the Edward Jones Dome countered with a proposal including a new scoreboard, but was a smaller scale renovation, totaling $124 million. The two sides went through arbitration, the panel sided with the Rams, giving the team the freedom to get out of the lease after the 2014 season.

During their 76-year existence the Rams have played in seven different stadiums in three different cities. While in Cleveland (1936-45) they played in Cleveland Municipal Stadium, League Park and Shaw Stadium. When they moved to Los Angeles in 1946 they played at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum from (1946-79) before moving to Anaheim Stadium in 1980 until their move to St. Louis in 1995. During their first year in St. Louis, they played at Busch Memorial Stadium, while awaiting the construction of the new Edward Jones Dome which opened on November 12th, 1995.

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