Women fight back and take self-defense

Women fight back and take self-defense

MONTVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Attacks like those documented against a student on the Cleveland State campus, by a registered sex offender has many women deciding to fight back.

The Montville Auxiliary Police offered the women of the community free self defense classes.

On January 30, women in the Medina community gathered to learn the techniques that could thwart an attacker.

"These tactics focus on moves that are not based on strength. So, as men are typically larger than females, it allows the women to react in a way that doesn't require a lot of power, strength, and weight. These are just general tactics that work on any human body," demonstrated Michael Stone an officer with the Montville Auxiliary Police.

Jabs were thrown and upper cuts made amidst the women who filled up the class.

Local police are considering hosting more classes like this one.

Stone said, "I want people to leave with the idea that you have to do something. There's no immediate best answer but just react. Do something. Be aware of your surroundings."

The class was free for all the females looking for extra protection against potential predators.

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