Transcripts from a trial halted by a bed bug

Transcripts from a trial halted by a bed bug

We now know what happened when a bed bug stopped a trial in a Cuyahoga County Courtroom on January 23.

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek was first to report the Justice Center bug.

Since then, court officials have been very vague about what happened that day and those in the county executive office aren't commenting.

So, Ed Gallek obtained the transcripts of the hearing.

When the incident occurred, jury selection was taking place on the 20th floor.

Juror number ten, who was seated in the back, raised his hand to say, "There's a bug crawling on me."

The judge told an assistant to go get a look at the bug, and then stated, "Let's take a recess."

When the disruptive creature was identified as a bed bug all of the jurors were sent home.

Jury selection had to reset.

This is just one of a series of incidents in recent weeks with bed bugs at the Justice Center.

Bed bugs have been found on multiple floors.

Court officials tell 19 Action News, there isn't any reason for anyone to be nervous about the nuisance.

But, one judge is on record for halting the trial process.

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