The big game and emotional control

The big game and emotional control
Keeping your emotions in check after kick off
Keeping your emotions in check after kick off

Consider your cool on the eve of Super Bowl XLVIII.

It's easy to get emotional while watching football, but experts want to warn you not to go too far.

Sports fanatics like Ryan Arledge are so emotionally attached to their teams, that their moods are often dictated by wins and losses.

Some of his friends have a track record of showcasing disappointment with physical outbursts.

"When I was in college, one of my friends that's from the Cleveland area, we were watching the game and he got so mad he punched a hole in the wall in the apartment he was living in," Arledge recalled.

Arledge has never gone to that extreme, but doctor Ken Yeager of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center says a lot of fans do.

"Sometimes the pressures and tensions of life get added onto the emotions of games and then you have people overreacting," reminded Yeager.

Yeager counsels both athletes and fans alike on how to handle the emotions of big games.

For fans he advises first, before the game that you go get some exercise because working out lowers your stress level, and can keep you calm later in the day.

Then, During the game it is wise to note you should limit how many alcoholic drinks you have.

Managing the volume control on your TV will also assist in managing stress levels.

Without realizing it loud noises can agitate your mood and increase stress.

And finally, be aware of who's on the invite list.

"The mix of people that you watch the game with. There are certain times you have to be careful about 'Oh, don't want these two guys together because they're too tied into the game,'" advises Yeager.

Though he named his dog after the Browns' quarterback and got married in their colors, even Arledge knows he knows when someone takes it too far.

He's mindful not to make his emotional investment into the big game harmful to his health.

Arledge told 19 Action News, "I love it when they do great, I'm upset when they don't. But I'm not going to punch any holes in my walls because of it."

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