Pothole Justice

Pothole Justice

Potholes throughout Cleveland are devouring vehicles one tire at a time.

On West 117th and Madison Avenue drivers swerve, bottom out, and then hit rock bottom.

This area in particular is notorious for having some of the worst potholes in the city.

Drivers make jokes about how bad the roads are and speculate the city is using the money for the stadium.

Robert Ellis is one driver from Parma who navigates his way through the mess struggling to remember where the potholes are so he doesn't hit them.

He described, "It's terrible when it bounces my ladder off my truck every time I hit them. I can hit them at three miles an hour and they are still bouncing everywhere. People are blowing tires out. It's ridiculous."

A couple of the craters are so deep they compare to kiddie pools.

Still, the city says they have crews out when the snow isn't coming down and when conditions aren't too cold.

When the snow plows drive over recently filled gaps in the pavement, the holes are empty again the next day.

Hitting one will not only shake you up, but the poor road conditions can rattle your wallet, too.

According to Sam Jakabcic from Conrad's Tire Express and Total Car Care, replacing all that rubber and possibly a rim replacement can set you back about $250 or more.

Keeping your eyes peeled for the holes and maintaining your vehicle is your only defense against all these pesky potholes in the pavement.

Each city is different when it comes to trying to get reimbursement for pothole damage.

For the city of Cleveland you must contact the Department of Law Services.

There you will find a list of what you need for reimbursement.  You will also find the following special notice:  

Special Notice Regarding Potholes:  The City is not responsible for damages caused by potholes if it did not know about the potholes and have a chance to fix it before the damage occurred.

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