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Deja vu: United cancels flights in and out of CLE

Deja vu: United has departed from Hopkins Airport once before Deja vu: United has departed from Hopkins Airport once before

"Fly the friendly skies of United," was a long time slogan that the airline used in it's advertising, and the airline has never lived up to the promise at Hopkins.

"The city seeks to replace loss of United Air business," could be a headline from any of the past couple of days.

The headline was also published in the Plain Dealer in April of 1986; a time when again, the city scrambled to help the stranded employees effected by the massive cuts made by United. 

The history makes this departure in 2014 déjà vu. 

Tony Midea, President of the Airline Worker's Union recalled the same scenario 28 years ago.

He said, "We lost a majority of our union membership back then and it didn't feel good then and it definitely doesn't feel good now."

Mayor Frank Jackson says he was not surprised by the announcement; he is disappointed.  

He believes the advance prep work he's done puts the city in a better position to bounce back.

Jackson said, "What we are saying is that we will do it much faster than if we had not been prepared."

The move is permanent, and an effort is underway to replace the flights with a different air carrier.

After the 1986 departure several corporate headquarters flew out of town, too.  

Mayor Jackson doesn't anticipate the same exodus this time around.

United can call the skies friendly or unfriendly, but their decision had nothing to do with friendship and the workers and businesses affected in Cleveland.

Their move had to do with their own profitability.

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