BBB warns against fake funeral and death announcement scam

BBB warns against fake funeral and death announcement scam
Source: BBB
Source: BBB

BBB is warning consumers to be wary of phony email notifications announcing funeral services for a "friend." The emails instruct the recipients to click on a link to view the details about the upcoming funeral services. BBB is advising consumers that clicking on the link will likely download malware to the recipient's computer.

Consumers around the country have reported receiving the emails, many of which claim to come from Eubank Funeral Home in Canton, TX. The funeral home, whose name and website likeness are being used in this scam, is a victim of business identity theft, in which scammers hijack information about a real business to make their pitch seem more legitimate. Eubank Funeral Home has posted the following notice on their website:

"Urgent Warning: An email has been sent out appearing to come from Eubank Funeral Home. Please do not open the link as it is SPAM. We apologize for the inconvenience. PLEASE DO NOT CALL US TO REPORT THIS. Thank you."

"The email has all the red flags of a scam,"said Randy Hutchinson, president of BBB serving the Mid-South. "It contains no identifying information about the person whose service this is supposed to be –not even a name. It also contains characteristic grammatical errors that we often see in typical email schemes," Hutchinson added.

BBB advises consumers to watch for the following red flags in unsolicited emails:

  • Does the sender's return email address match the name and domain in the "From" field?
  • Does the email contain misspellings, poor grammar or other mistakes?
  • Hover over hyperlinks in the message. Do they direct you to the specified location or somewhere else?
  • Does the signature on the email match the name of the sender in the "From" field at the top of the email?

If you clicked on the link, contact a reputable repair technician to examine your computer for malware issues. BBB can provide you with a list of reputable companies in this industry.

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