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All aboard! Take the train and forget about driving on snow packed roads

Cleveland RTA Cleveland RTA
To make sure you aren't stuck and spinning out in the snow you may want to take the train.

RTA's Mary Shaffer said, "People really depend on us. The ride isn't always perfect but we do get people to where they're going. We never close."

From RTA's operations center all of the tracks and wires are constantly monitored for snow and ice.

The trains run from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m., even when the lines aren't open, just to keep the tracks and wires warm and free of ice so they're ready to roll in the morning.

"We control those tracks. We plow those tracks. We plow our platforms. We make sure sidewalks are clear in our area so we can get our customers where they need to go," added Shaffer.

If you're downtown you can always hop on a free RTA trolley to Tower City and avoid a walk through the snow. 

RTA suggests using their real time service online so you're not standing around and waiting.

Real time information is just as it sounds -- it tells you the next time your bus or train will arrive at your stop.

The next best option is to take the bus.

But note, any backed up traffic can cause the bus to be late. 

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