Why were downtown streets snow-covered for so long?

Why were downtown streets snow-covered for so long?
Snow covered streets in Cleveland
Snow covered streets in Cleveland

We are asking tough questions to the man in charge of Cleveland's snow plows. We saw many downtown streets a mess all day Wednesday.

We also found many sections of downtown streets snow covered even after the snow stopped  -- so we went to city hall with complaints from drivers like you.

Michael Cox, the man in charge of Cleveland city plow crews, said they had to keep up with snowfall all day.

In the afternoon, we saw a convoy of plows escorted by police around downtown--tandem plowing.

But why not until that late in the day?

"The tandem plowing takes up both lanes of traffic. Then you create a traffic jam. We wait until after rush hour," said Michael Cox.

Cox said the city even put road graders out, staffing for a big snow -- including 50 plows.

He said they left downtown streets in what the city considers fair or passable condition.

But drivers we heard from on the streets and on twitter strongly disagreed with that.

"I would call it a good job, not a great job," added Michael Cox. "It's always gonna be someone not happy, but we're working."

On Wednesday evening and overnight into Thursday, city plow crews planned to go over the downtown streets again. They also planned to keep working on other main roads. Overnight, the plan was to start work in neighborhoods. And there you can bet crews will also hear people asking, ' hey, why wasn't more done earlier'?

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