CVS is kicking the habit; Store to stop selling cigarettes soon

CVS is kicking the habit; Store to stop selling cigarettes soon

Michael Hoff has been smoking for more than 20 years --a pack a day, seven days a week.

"Smoking, yet trying to quit. Yes, eventually I'm going to quit," says Michael Hoff.

He's trying to kick the habit just like Tricia McCarthy.

"Smoking is horrible. I wish I didn't smoke," says Tricia McCarthy.

Soon smokers like Hoff and McCarthy won't be able to get their cigarettes from CVS Pharmacy Stores.

The drugstore chain will stop selling tobacco products starting Oct. 1.

The country's second largest drug store chain says it comes down to their commitment to health.

Jennifer White doesn't smoke but has friends who do.

"I'm a recent graduate of CSU. They just changed their smoking policy as well so kind of right along with that. It's not good for you guys it really isn't," says Jennifer White.

"As a company it's genius. I think. It's the way of the future," says McCarthy.

Michael Hoff he hopes the future means no more smoking, but until then he says he'll get his smokes elsewhere.

"The nicotine, I just needed it," says Hoff.

Drug stores only make up a smaller percentage of overall cigarette sales. Still, CVS could lose more than two billion dollars a year with this health move.

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