The University of Akron proposes academic programs suspensions

The University of Akron proposes academic programs suspensions

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The University of Akron has proposed suspending 55 academic programs following several years of review.

At Wednesday's Board meeting, Trustees requested that Faculty Senate provide input on proposals to suspend some academic programs, and that students applying for admission to those programs be informed about the possibility of being impacted by program suspension.

Under the process of Academic Program Review, some programs will be enhanced, perhaps with increased investment in faculty. Most programs will be maintained, and some will be suspended, allowing the University to focus resources to serve the needs of students and the region in more relevant ways.

The full proposal awaits input from Faculty Senate. President Luis M. Proenza will present the proposal to Senate on Thursday, and he will request that senators provide feedback at the Senate's April 3 meeting. The administration will review Senate's input and make a recommendation to the Trustees at the Board's April 23 meeting.

In the meantime, the University will notify students currently in programs being considered for suspension that they will be given opportunities to complete their degrees. About 600 students, approximately 2 percent of our student population, are enrolled in programs or program tracks being considered for suspension.

Students who have applied for admission into the programs under consideration will also be contacted and provided guidance to achieve their academic goals potentially through a similar course of study in another program or college. About 115 students, amounting to less than 1% of the applicant pool, may be affected.

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