Editorial Response: Kevin Ruic

Editorial Response: Kevin Ruic

(WOIO) - Hello, I am Kevin Ruic responding to Bill Applegate's execution overkill editorial.

I'm sure the bleeding hearts are very happy that the next violent murderer that the state has housed, clothed and fed for at least twenty years will be tucked in and be allowed to go off to sleep and dream of his favorite killings in peace. What a wonderful thought!

Too bad the victims will not have had time to kiss his or her loved ones goodbye while being shot, stabbed or bludgeoned to death for a couple of bucks or after being brutally tortured and raped.

I don't know where anyone gets off thinking that any of these violent perverts are owed a sympathetic death. It should hurt a lot and last as long as it took the victim to die…a victim who did nothing more than cross the path of a madman who thought little of taking a life and destroying a family forever.

I suggest there's always the rope, the guillotine or my favorite the firing squad.

In my opinion, Mr. Applegate's comments normally come close to making sense but this time he missed the mark.

Thank you.

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