Grant first to pay the price, but won't be the last

Cleveland (WOIO) - I didn't need to witness Wednesday night's embarrassing, pathetic loss to a bunch of Lakers' backups to know that the Cavaliers have become a joke. Defensively, they're a disgrace, allowing the likes of Wesley Johnson, Ryan Kelly and Jordan Farmar to put 70 on 'em in the first half alone! And offensively, they're even more of a mess, unable to realize what team owner Dan Gilbert called the "great potential of our young talent, seasoned veterans, as well as our recent all-star addition" in his statement on Thursday.

That quote alone makes you wonder if they fired the right guy. Sure, Chris Grant should be held accountable for winning a total of 80 games in his three and a half years at the helm. As tough as it was to take over a team that had just lost Lebron, Grant has had two #1 overall picks, and two top 4 picks, and has put together a team that apparently shows far more fight off the court than on it. But Mike Brown's the one who has to coach 'em up, and 49 games in, they're regressing, if that's possible.

Barring a bizarre and historic turnaround, Brown will be the next to pay the price. Acting General Manager David Griffin is in the running to replace Grant, but would he keep Brown? And, do you even want Griffin, Grant's right hand man and a guy who was in on the decisions of the past three and a half years, to get the job?

I never thought I'd say this, but in a few short months, the Cavaliers have surpassed the Browns as the most dysfunctional team in town, and in its league. And as with the Browns, that means big changes.

Wonder which team's going to finally get it right first?

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