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Broken security cameras at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center

Security issues at a $189 government building. Security issues at a $189 government building.

A nearly $200 million dollar government building is reported to have security flaws, specifically, with the cameras meant to record any wrongdoing. 

We already were aware of the faulty sprinkler system, undrinkable water from the water fountains and scalding water coming out of the faucets at the $189 million dollar Cuyahoga Juvenile Justice Center. 

The drinking fountains had to be shut down after being deemed unsafe for consumption, and we also made it known the juvenile inmates could flood their own cells due to faulty sprinkler systems in their cells. 

Now, our Scott Taylor has been told network video recorders are either broken or out for repairs. 

County officials say only five percent of their security cameras have not been working as of last month. 

The county tells 19 Action News to make sure everyone is safe they have added extra personnel in the areas where the cameras are out and they expect them to be returned to working order in a couple of weeks.

Taylor has made a public documents request for the repair paperwork to confirm what he's being told. 

All this said, you should also note: this building is nicely equipped with two workout gyms for employees.

Employees and officials at the juvy center would not answer Taylor's questions and instead referred him to the county sheriff's department. 

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