DDIW: Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop

(WOIO) - You know the drill. You're trying to get the house ready for company so you drag out the cleaning supplies.

But what if there was an easier way to make get your house Spic N' Span...especially when you're clearly not schooled in cleaning?

Like at the newly chartered Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house at Kent State.

"We always have tons of guys here so it gets messy," said Founding Father Drew Dickson.

The brothers agreed to test out the new Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop which is supposed to clean the toughest dirt, lifting away the mess with a steam energized pad.

But you ask, "Danielle, Does It Work?"

Since the boys determined they didn't need to read the directions...we had a little trouble getting the Shark Mop ready to take a bite out of the dirt.

And then there was this problem: all they were able to do is push around the dirt because the directions say to vacuum first.

But lucky for us..we also had the Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright, which promises to help the cleaning impaired, with an easy to maneuver vacuum that works on carpet or regular floors.

So let's try this again.

"Danielle, Does it Work?"

We started in the party...er family room... which has seen better days.

I mean you can leave quite a mess after study groups.

"We get mud, pop and chips spilled on floor", said Dickinson.

And then of course there's the dogs Urvan and Cole who leave their own mess.

"It's working well. Everything on ground was getting up easy," he added.

Of course we had to take the Rocket for a test flight on carpet, so President  Ryan Cowin gave up his room, where momma would not have been too happy.

Surprisingly, the Shark was picking up everything in its path.

"It moves itself, turns well and moves around everything", said Cowin.

And he added, it was much easier to use than his regular vacuum.

So it seems the Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright, is honest fair...and picks up crumbs anywhere.

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