Temperatures plummet and homeowners try to dig out

Neighbors are disgruntled about all the snow plowed into their driveways.
Neighbors are disgruntled about all the snow plowed into their driveways.

Instead of a winter coat, Charles Wilhite might as well be wearing a Superman cape.

He swooped in with his snow blower and saved the day for all of his elderly and disabled 169th Street neighbors.

He commented, "The snow has never been this high."

Residents of Cleveland and the surrounding areas are trapped by all of the snow moved by Cleveland City plows.

Joann Kristoff described, "Well I can't jump over it, and I can't drive over it. The snow was up to here on me.. close to it chunks of ice."

Her neighbor Debra White observed, "You can't get into your driveway if it's like that. There are big chunks of ice and all that."

A couple of streets over city worker Sheldon Coleman asked residents, "Just be patient with us."

Not only are Coleman and his crews trying to clear the snow they're also dealing with the aftermath of a watermain break.

"Oh my! Look at the water! Temps drop I'm thinking I will never be able to move all this," exclaimed White.

Truck after truck is lined up scooping up the ice and moving the snow out.

Dump trucks are loaded with the white stuff and the action has White shaking her head with what a mess winter 2014 is.

She's taking the conditions in stride though; after all, this is Cleveland and this is winter.

"I got to! What can you do?! Ha! What can you really do about it? Nothin'," she told 19 Action News.

Kristoff isn't as laid back about this lake effect mess as she watched the next plow go by her house.

"Don't plow in front of my house! You're staking your claim right now! I'm going to stand here," she exclaimed. 

Again Coleman reaffirmed, "We're trying to help the residents. This is what we do. It's what we love to do..trying to give the City of Cleveland the best effort we can."

In the meantime, Wilhite continues paying it forward with that snow blower his wife bought him for Christmas.

Wilhite said, "We all kind of watch out for each other. This was a really bad storm. We're all in this together right? We're all in this together. Should we hug it out? Ha! We'll hug it out."

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