Cleveland school not worried about calamity days

Cleveland school not worried about calamity days

It has been a brutal winter, especially for local schools. The wild weather has led to empty classrooms all across the state.

However, Nexus Academy in Cleveland is a blended learning high school, which means a lot of their work is done on-line.

"It's a great advantage! We know they have to be through 15 percent of their classes at the end of this week and we can monitor that," says Mike Fraley, Nexus Academy teacher.

Nexus students spend about half their day in the classroom, the other half at home working on-line.

On Friday, Nexus Academy did close due to the bitter cold, but students knew they had to work from home.

When students log on to their computers, they find a schedule of assignments and live on-line lessons with the usual back and forth with their teachers. They can even take scheduled tests.

"They have an opportunity to speak with me and to ask questions about maybe an essay they're writing or some assignments there trying to complete," said Fraley.

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