Winter skin problems in extreme cold

Winter skin problems in extreme cold

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO/CBS) - The skin you're in is taking a real beating.

It's all the time we're spending inside...escaping the bitter cold ...that's the problem.  The dry heat and low humidity are doing a number on our skin.

"We definitely see a lot of flare ups of people who have underlying eczema. Their skin that tends to be more sensitive than others," said University Hospitals dermatologist Dr. Kord Honda.

He suggests moisturizing right out of the shower, with the right products.

"A lot of people use lotions. Those are the things that you pump out of a bottle, but those are actually less moisturizing than creams.  Creams are the thicker stuff you have to scoop out of a jar.  But the most moisturizing things are ointments, things like Aquaphor or Vaseline," said Honda.

Dr. Honda says harsh soaps may make you feel cleaner, but they strip what little natural moisture you've got now.

He says it's time to skip the drug store products and go right to the doctor when dry skin is affecting your quality of life.

"Some people wake up at night scratching. Some people can't sleep because they're so itchy...or if it's starting to cause blemishes on the skin," he said.

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