UFC releases Silva from contract

UFC releases Silva from contract

Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Thiago Silva was released from his UFC contract on Friday. Silva was jailed Thursday morning on four charges including aggravated battery and resisting an officer.

Silva will be held without bond as the judge ruled that he is still a threat. He is also considered a flight risk as he is a Brazilian Citizen.

Silva allegedly confronted his wife, Thaya, from his vehicle in front of Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Studio in Oakland Park, Florida. He allegedly then produced a firearm and told his wife she had "10 seconds to bring out Pablo" or he would go into the studio and start shooting everyone. An adult class was being held in the studio at the time of the threats.

Popovitch then came outside but quickly retreated, calling 911. Silva, then allegedly fled to his home in Fort Lauderdale where he was then arrested after a non violent standoff. This altercation is the most recent in a long string of domestic violence incidents between the couple.

The UFC released a statement Friday stating the termination of Silva's contract. He was scheduled to fight at the UFC 171 event on March 15th in Dallas.

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