Sex assaults reported on young girls by guys met on-line

Sex assaults reported on young girls by guys met on-line

We have learned of two new local cases of strange men accused of sexually assaulting young girls -- girls they met on popular websites.

One of those websites has a name so foul we can't even print it.

Investigators say a 14-year-old girl from West Virginia went on that site and met a 44-year-old guy from Cleveland Heights.

Police say the girl ended up in an apartment with David Mull.

Records show the girl later called her father, telling a different story. She told him she had been kidnapped while walking to school and thrown in a trunk.

Then take the case of 19-year-old Deshawn Lawshea, who's just been indicted.

Cleveland Sex Crimes Investigators found he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl.

Investigators say this guy had been talking to the girl on Facebook and even communicating through an instant messaging system for smartphones called KIK.

And a source tells us, at one point, the guy had the girl call 911 and make up a story about an intruder.

19 Action News recently showed you a 13-year-old girl from California was found in North Olmsted. The teen is connected to an investigation into sex for sale and human trafficking.

Again, Deshawn Lawshea has just been indicted. David Mull is being held on one charge, but he's likely to face more. Others may face charges in that case, too.

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