Health Alert: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Health Alert: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Day after day of the bitter cold and snow can lead to the cold weather blues but there are ways to fight this seasonal depression.

"It can be quite debilitating," says Jeffrey Janata, PhD, Division Chief of Psychology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Caused by a lack of sunlight during the winter months, it's a disorder we sometimes call The Winter Blues or Cabin Fever. But it's real. "It's truly a biological phenomenon," added Dr. Janata.

Dr. Janata Tips to Combat SAD:

1) Find ways to exposed yourself to light spectra from lighter months using, for instance, special lamps
2) Get outside in light regardless of temperature
3) Stay active
4) Seek support or professional help if depression gets severe

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