Water main breaks are creating frozen streets in Cleveland

Water main breaks are creating frozen streets in Cleveland

There are hundreds of broken pipes in Cleveland which can and do lead to frozen streets.

The folks on East 176th Street say that they've been dealing with leaking for about two weeks.

The entire street has been iced over with frozen water and even led to one resident's car getting stuck in an icy driveway.

The homeowner says he damaged one car trying to get his second car out of the ice.

He says the problem is so bad he can't use his driveway and has been calling the city for weeks.

"It's terrible. Every time I come out here we get stuck," says Eric Taloy.

The Cleveland Water Department says that crews have been working non-stop for weeks due to the recent rough winter weather.

The Cleveland Water Department says that all calls are placed on a priority list and addressed in the order of importance.  Jobs that pose as a safety risk are dealt with first and at times workers are pulled from one work site before work is completed in order to make more serious repairs at another location.

Water department crews repaired 13 water main breaks during a Saturday shift with six more breaks reported afterwards.  More than 30 unconfirmed water main breaks are currently being investigated.  The Cleveland Water Department services 79 other communities besides Cleveland which at times may contribute to delays.

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