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Valentine's Day on ice? It may be late!


Snow may have you focused on having the necessities, like bread and milk, but what about chocolates and flowers?

Valentine's day is Friday. And if you want someone to get a special delivery in time, you may need to have a back up plan, as local florists are forecasting possible delivery delays.

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night..." will stop postal workers from their deliveries. But Charlotte florists say in snow they'll do what they can.

"It depends on the weather or the roads conditions where we are going," said Joseph Yi, owner of Todd's Flowers. 

Yi helps his delivery drivers plan out their routes. 

"We're suppose to make a hundred today," said Yi.

A hundred bouquets takes a lot of flowers. And Yi said all the flowers he needs arrived from South America.

But will they go out?

"We're going to take care of orders today and tomorrow morning for Valentines, if customer is okay with that," said Yi.

He'd rather get ahead of the storm instead of wait for after the storm.  And said customers should too.

"If she's going to get Valentine's flowers two days early she's going to enjoy a couple more days," said Yi.

He's been in business for 15 years and knows customers can procrastinate.

"Hundreds of guys they come in, they like to send the flowers," said Yi.

He said he'll watch the weather.

"Biggest day of the year but if a snow hit like this, I don't have any control of it and he knows," said Yi pointing upwards.

He said some customers might have to wait until Saturday the15th.  Yi wants to keep his drivers safe and still keep the ones you love happy.

"Best way, if you really like to do it--you go to the neighborhood flower shop and get the flowers and bring it to your home and she's going to get it, on time," said Yi.

If you take Yi's advice, please drive safe.

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