Haslam on the job

Haslam on the job
Browns' owner Jimmy Haslam talks business and the ball club.
Browns' owner Jimmy Haslam talks business and the ball club.

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Jimmy Haslam is coming clean and tells 19 Action News being an NFL owner isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Haslam says, "I will tell you I underestimated this. It's a learning curve to be an NFL owner. If you want to look at me as a work in progress that's fair to say to do."

Jimmy just reorganized your Cleveland Browns. General Manger Michael Lombardi out and so is CEO Joe Banner.

Sticking around is Alec Scheiner, who's handling the business, and Ray Farmer who's the new General Manager.

New head coach Mike Pettine was also moved into position in the past couple of weeks.

Jimmy has learned one lesson and that is that everyone in his ball club answers to the him.

Haslam says, "I felt like the previous system was a little bit cumbersome. I think they way we are organized is much more streamlined. (This is) much more efficient and much clearer in terms of who is in charge of what."

Lesson number two in the changes is to learn from the past.

Jimmy has extensive experience with corporate turmoil.

Last year the other company he owns, Pilot Flying J switched up their payroll methods and brought in a special investigator who later found nine of his employees guilty of fixing a rebate prize. They had scammed the system and pled guilty.

Lesson number three Haslam brings to the table is knowing that honesty is always the best policy; especially when the truth reflects in good light.

Jimmy Haslam says this last year in a press conference at Pilot J Headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee "We make mistakes like any company does but there is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behavior."

Haslam and his legal team are working with federal prosecutors to resolve the FBI probe.

Maybe that's where Haslam learned lesson number four which is how to properly deflect a question you don't want to answer.

"We know you and your legal team have been working on a resolution with federal prosecutors can you give us an update," asked 19 Action News reporter Scott Taylor.

Haslam replies, "Here again, I think there is a time to talk about Pilot Flying J. I think today is the time to talk about the Cleveland Browns."

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