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Owensboro hoping to draw in people with change to food vendor ordinance


Owensboro is hoping to draw more people downtown by allowing food trucks in the city.

The City of Owensboro is updating their mobile food vender ordinance that will allow food trucks to park on the street and open up shop. 

Director of Public Events Tim Ross says food trucks would be allowed to buy a permit from the city and serve food in areas that allows street parking.

The owners would follow rules, like only being allowed to serve during the day, and not be allowed to serve food within 100 feet of a school or restaurant unless there was a special event. 

The city says food trucks would create more foot traffic, energy in the city, and allows people in a hurry to grab a quick bite to eat.

"You have an opportunity to eat something that maybe you don't get in your permanent restaurants you've got in the community. There is an excitement to it to those down the street. If I'm on my way to a meeting or if I got 20 minutes for lunch, I have a quick option I can grab," Ross says.

The city plans to research other city's ordinances and take them into consideration before coming up with an updated ordinance. 

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