Fans' faith in Haslam

Fans' faith in Haslam

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Jimmy Haslam was on damage control Tuesday, Feb. 2014.

He tap danced around reporters questions and left many fans wondering about the

direction of the team.

Change has been the only constant since the Browns returned in 1999 -- change and losing seasons.

Once again, Browns fans are being asked to have faith that this season the scoreboard will shine again.

Fans told 19 Action News they are desperate for a winner and because they've been Browns fans since childhood, their allegiance will never falter for the brown and orange. 

Plus, they have more faith in Farmer than they did in Lombardi.

The comments might make Browns owner Jimmy Haslam smile, with some even going on record as having said they give him an eight out of a possible ten and that he simply has to make it happen.

Haslam himself remained optimistic when he talked to our George Smith.

He said, "I will tell you as I talk to people around the league, at the Super Bowl last year, people view this as a great franchise."

But the Browns' record says otherwise.

With just two winning seasons in the last 15 years, the great days of the franchise are long gone.

Fans advised Haslam to remember to not take their game day reactions too personally; because, they're just desperate for a winning team.

"Desperate for a winner," is a familiar phrase in the Cleveland football scene and fans are holding out, and holding on, for Fall 2014.

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