Burning wood a hot choice with these cold temps

Burning wood a hot choice with these cold temps

NORTH ROYALTON, OHIO (WOIO) - The frigid temperatures have left people looking for other ways to heat their home. Some have gone back to before they used gas, propane, and electric turning to wood stoves. The cold has made burning wood a hot commodity.

John Cossel, President of Cossel Farms who produces and sells split wood in North Royalton, told 19 Action News there are a lot of positives of heating your home with wood.

"It's warm, it's renewable, and you're off the grid," Cossel said.

Heating with firewood, though requires more work and labor, is cheaper and burns hotter.

Even for those who don't use wood as their primary source for heat, cold temperatures like we have seen this winter make it a good idea to have a backup plan. Cossel has customers who use a wood stove as a precautionary measure if their alternate source breaks or want another way to keep their family warm.

"A lot of people are preppers, they want to have some source of independent heat," Cossel said.

Another advantage to using wood in these cold temperatures is that there is a steadier price, according to Cossel.

"Wood prices don't vary like other resources' prices do."

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