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Residents fire back at city for threatening shoveling fine

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Action by the city of Toledo aimed at improving sidewalk conditions is stirring up some controversy because some say the city needs to "live by its own word."

On Tuesday, the city sent out code enforcement inspectors to see if sidewalks were being cleared along busy streets. Residents were told they could face a $75 fine. At this point, the city has only issued warnings.

Still, it wasn't hard to find people who believe the city needs to take care of its own responsibility before handing out any fines.

John Truby has lived at his home on Fourth Street in east Toledo for more than three decades.

"This big property I shovel, and I'm 74 years old. We keep it clean everyday," said Truby.

Truby says he's upset about the city dispatching inspectors to issue warnings to property owners for not clearing off their sidewalks, when he's seen sidewalks along city property also not shoveled.

"I think it's a good case of he who lives in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. They got all kinds of city property by Waite High School," said Truby.

At an area along Broadway at Danny Thomas Park, the sidewalk is covered with a few feet of snow and ice.

Councilman Rob Ludeman says while he applauds city street crews for the work they've done so far this winter, he has also come across some city sidewalks in need of attention.

"I've seen a number of areas that are city controlled that have not been taken care of by the city," said Ludeman.

In his opinion, the Collins administration should be taking a softer approach for trying to improve sidewalk conditions.

"Maybe the city should be a little more pleasant about things. Why don't we help each other out? If your neighbor can't get it done, try to help them out. And if you can't get it done, call the city. Maybe we should be helping out more," said Ludeman.

Toledo's streets commissioner says they have been delayed turning attention to sidewalks because city crews have been focusing on plowing streets. However, they have been working on sidewalks on bridges and bridge approaches, as well as along safe school routes.

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