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Georgia: Thousands without power, officials warn about power line dangers

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The second batch of winter weather is hitting the Deep South hard. 

As of Wednesday evening, at least 500,000 homes and businesses have lost power in the south as a result of this latest winter storm.

In Georgia, more than 100,000 customers are without power across the state of Georgia.

The snow and ice brought along with it darkness for thousands of people, and in some cases power lines can tumble down.

"Those are priority calls for us," says Georgia Power media representative Robert Watkins.

Unfortunately there have been fatalities due to people touching power lines.

According to the American Burn Association, on average about 400 people die from electrocution by way of power lines every year in the U.S.; thousands more are injured.

"In Columbus your voltage are 12,000 volts. If you thing about the power volts in your house, you use 120 volts to use your lights. The big lines can be as much as 500,000 so it gives an idea of just how much power is going through those lines," Watkins proclaims.

Watkins says even driving over a power line can be very dangerous.

"The first thing they should do is not go near it. You don't have to actually contact the line when it's wet outside to get electrocuted by the line," says Watkins.

State officials report the same type of safety principle applies to snow plows. 

The Georgia Department of Transportation suggests drivers stay a safe distance behind snow plows, because that roadway has been treated for your safety.

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