Nearly a dozen high school wrestlers suspended; accused of hazing

Nearly a dozen high school wrestlers suspended; accused of hazing

COVENTRY TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - A Conventry High School hazing controversy now has police involved.

School officials and police found out about the incident from parents of the victims four days after it happened. The victims say they lured into the locker room then beat up.

Summit County Sheriff Deputies are investigating claims of hazing.

Nearly a dozen high school wrestlers are accused of hitting, kicking, slapping and push the younger students around -- they are even accused of using a broomstick on some of the eight freshman wrestlers last Thursday before a match.

The attacks happening in the locker room.

Two of the victims' injuries were serious.

"It's very sad. I'm surprised even with the kids that were involved," says wrestling parent Bethany Davis.

Bethany Davis' son is on the wrestling team. She says he didn't take part in the hazing and is troubled by what his teammates are accused of.

"He's very upset," says Davis.

According to the superintendent 11 upperclassman wrestlers have been suspended. Some could be expelled .

The wrestling coach who was on his way from work to the wrestling match was also suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of the investigation.

"They should do full charges on those kids that's for sure. That's ridiculous," says an anonymous parent.

"I'm hoping it's not what it seems and it's not as bad as it is turning out to be," added Davis.

Police say the older students could face criminal charges. Detectives continue to interview the suspects and victims along with school officials.

Superintendent Rusty Chaboudy released a statement saying:

We are disturbed by this incident and extremely disappointed no one stepped in to stop the hazing not report it to an adult. The Coventry Local Schools work very hard implementing anti- bullying and character education programs with all of our students and we will not tolerate this type of behavior.

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