Another court decision against Cleveland's automated cameras

Another court decision against Cleveland's automated cameras

Another driver has won an appeal over a ticket from one of the City of Cleveland's automated speed cameras.

Darrell Dawson was given a ticket in June of 2012 for going 49mph in a 35mph. He ultimately fought the ticket all the way up to the 8th District Appeals Court in Cuyahoga County.

Another man just recently won a decision over the automated cameras. In this case, the court wrote, "this appeal presents yet another challenge to the constitutionality of the city's automated camera civil traffic enforcement system."

In the previous case, the court found that the system, "unconstitutionally usurps the authority of the Cleveland Municipal Court to adjudicate certain traffic infractions."

Just this week, the city announced it was continuing with business as usual with the cameras and appeals despite the earlier court ruling.

19 Action News is working to find out how this ruling will affect the automated camera system and drivers.

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