Pettine did not expect front office overhaul

Pettine did not expect front office overhaul

New Browns head coach Mike Pettine talked with the media on Thursday at a Browns Play 60 event. While the event with children was discussed, the recent shake up of the front office was the hottest topic.

Pettine did not see the changes coming. "It was nothing that was talked about obviously during the interview process, but it was a clear message from the owner about his commitment to bringing stability to the franchise moving forward."

The latest commitment to stability has added to the Browns perception of being unstable. The Browns have a first-year GM with a first-year head coach that he did not hire. Pettine said Farmer's absence from the interview process "overblown" and added, "I can already tell that we're going to have a tremendous relationship."

"From the moment that I met him." said Pettine, "I think we -- it was very natural -- our conversations, our philosophy about football, the draft, free agency, how to build a team. He and I are going to be -- and he's used the term -- in lockstep from here on out."

He feels chemistry will not be a problem, "We've clicked, and I'm looking forward to a long, successful relationship."

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