Advice for homeowners looking to sell

Advice for homeowners looking to sell

(WOIO) - With summer as the best possible time to sell a home, late winter or early spring is a good time to prepare a home for the real estate market. Chris Vidmar, a master woodworker suggests a good place to start is with updates to the home.

Josh Steinberger, a second generation craftsman says those updates don't have to be expensive.

"You can definitely get away with a thousand dollar budget and really make the house pop," says Steinberger.

Homes in northeast Ohio take a beating from the long, cold winters; Elaine Tuttle with Andersen Windows says updated windows add value to any home.

"Thing about windows installed 20 years ago they're not nearly as efficient as windows installed today," says Tuttle.

According to the experts, folks looking to sell their homes should focus on getting the best possible deal with the least amount of aggravation.

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