Valentine's Day no-nos

Valentine's Day no-nos

(WOIO) - They are the top 10 Valentine's Day "don'ts" that men make that could have their mates seeing red and not in a good way.

"Decent flowers and a decent gift should be enough," says Hershel Shah.

If she tells you don't buy me anything, that's code for "get me a gift".

"She wants something. If she says don't get her anything that means you should get her something. If she says Valentine's Day isn't her favorite holiday she's probably lying," says Tom Bogomolny.

Getting her yellow roses is not a bright idea. They mean friendship, so stick with red that's love.

Stuffed animals may be cute but online experts say that's a no-no. She's your lover not your daughter.

"I used to give her stuffed animals, not anymore," says Shah.

And when it comes to lingerie, it's more of a gift for guys not women.

Think outside the box. Instead of picking up a card, it's better to make one and include a personal touch.

Forgetting to make dinner reservations could break more than her heart.

Studies show that 64% of men expect their mate to make the plans, which is not a good thing.

When you do go out, ditch the jeans. Dress up. It shows you care.

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