Pothole problems plague Cleveland drivers

Pothole problems plague Cleveland drivers

The nasty winter weather has created massive potholes which are popping up everywhere.

In fact, the Lake Erie monster could live in one pothole we found on Lorain Avenue.

Missy Peters lives on West 130 Street and she can't pull out of her driveway without rattling the frame of her car.

"There's two of them -- two huge ones right there no matter what you do there is no avoiding them," complained Missy Peters.

She told us there was an accident there on Thursday. Someone slammed on their brakes to avoid a pothole and then got rear ended.

Peters is worried that she may be next.

"I'm always afraid that slowing down to pull into my driveway I'm going to get rear ended," Missy Peters said.

The way you go about getting your damages covered varies from city to city, but in Cleveland you can make a claim online.

The catch is you have to prove that either the city caused the damage or that the pothole was there for seven days and the city knew about it but did nothing to fix it. Days when the conditions aren't adequate for fixing a pothole don't count.

A tire and a rim replacement can run anywhere from $250 and up in regards to cost.

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