Roger Goodell made over $44 million in 2012

Roger Goodell made over $44 million in 2012

There was some backlash on twitter from players around the NFL when it was revealed that commissioner Roger Goodell made $20 million in 2011, in 2012, he nearly doubled that amount.

According to a recent tax filing, the NFL paid Goodell $44.2 million in the 2012 calendar year. Goodell was paid $35.1 million in salary, bonus and pension compensation. He also received an incentive payment of $5 million and a $4.1 million dollar pension payment from the league's work stoppage in 2011 which was paid in 2012.

"I feel that, as commissioner, he runs the business of the NFL as if he were an owner-operator," Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement. "I consider him to be one of the most outstanding managers in the country."

Goodell hadn't made more than $11.5 million in a year until after the NFL lockout in 2011. Since then, the league has been signing new labor and television deals which favor the business, and Goodell's pockets.

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