New NBA commissioner wants to raise eligibility age

New NBA commissioner wants to raise eligibility age

Earlier this month the David Stern era of the NBA ended and the Adam Silver era began. One of the pressing issues on the new commissioner's plate is the age limit for players entering the league.

The current rules state that a player has to either be 19 years old or be one year removed from high school to enter the NBA draft. This has resulted in the "one and done" phenomenon in college basketball. Many college coaches would like to see the eligibility rules change, and Silver has said he would like to raise the age limit by one year.

"We believe the additional year of maturity would be meaningful. And increasingly, I've been told by many NBA coaches that one of the issues with the younger guys coming into the league is they've never had an opportunity to lead." Silver said via USA Today. "By having come directly out of their first year of college, those are the moments in their lives where…they were put in positions as upper classmen, where they first learned how to lead teammates. And ultimately, if you look at our most successful teams, they're successful because they play as a team and I think that's one of the beauties of this game is that it's such an interesting mix of team play and at the same time individual (skill)."

No changes are likely to happen until the next collective bargaining agreement which is expected to happen after the 2016-17 season. The current eligibility rules were established during the collective bargaining agreement which took place in 2005.

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