Salt: Winter's precious mineral, ODOT's latest request

Salt: Winter's precious mineral, ODOT's latest request

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - A request from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to provide road salt to local communities in need hasn't received any bids.

On Wednesday, Feb 5, 214 ODOT asked salt companies to bid on 10,000 ton increments of salt to be delivered to seven strategic locations during three rounds.

The intent was to receive at least 150,000 tons of road salt.

Many Ohio communities have severely depleted supplies.

ODOT officials' intent was to give the salt to the cities and municipalities for free, and request that they simply return any unused portions.

The 10-day bid period out to the salt companies ended today, and there aren't any who offered, or could offer, to help.

ODOT wants the public to know they are committed to assisting, and will give away the mineral for free -- if they can get it.

Since the beginning of winter, ODOT has used more than 880,000 tons of salt to treat more than 11 million miles of roads.

That amount does not include the salt counties, cities, townships and villages have used.

This winter is one of the most active in history.

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