West Side power outage

West Side power outage

Homeowners on W.70th are fed up and freezing.  Their power was out all morning, and they say it's not the first time.

"Why does the transformer keep going out in this area? It's like every other weekend we don't have electricity. On a day like this, in the teens…we don' t have electricity?" said Mary Tieri.

She has asthma, which is agitated by the cold.  But she can't use her breathing machine without power.  And her neighbor, Jeannine Rini, is recovering from a liver transplant.

"I don't want to get sick because my immune system is not there yet," said Rini.

Residents say they've yet to get an explanation from the city but they say their problems began the same time that the West Shoreway Boulevard project did.

"I called the mayor's hotline, no one got back to me.  I called Cleveland Public Power…it's busy, busy, busy, busy," said Tieri.

"When construction was starting they talked to us about it but I don't think they really gave us a full picture of what we were going to experience," said Jen Prosek.

And it's not just cold, it's noisy.

"They do a lot of pile driving.  It shakes our house.  If you're on the phone you can't hear the person on the other end because it's so loud," said Prosek.

"It's pretty vigorous shaking.  It feels like a small earthquake," said Peter Young.

But some residents don't mind the problems.  They're focusing instead on the end game, which is connecting the neighborhood to the lakefront and the shoreway.

"It's a long term big plus for the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood.  I think the Shoreway Boulevard will drive both residential populations into the neighborhood and support the local businesses," said Young.

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