Extreme weather hits the poor the hardest

Extreme weather hits the poor the hardest

Sub-Zero temperatures, snow - lots of snow for long periods of time - it isn't just a nuisance.

"The weather is terrible here," says Francisca Nzekwe, who just moved here with her family from Nigeria.

Research shows this extreme winter weather affects our daily lives.

"I'm definitely wearing a lot more layers. It takes my a half hour to get dressed every morning," says Robert Heard, who makes deliveries on his bicycle for a living.

What they have to say may not be all that surprising to you, but some latest statistics may be more startling.

Turns out this brutal weather is down right dangerous. In fact extreme cold is also known to increase the death rate. Close to 30 thousand people across the U.S. will dies as a result of the cold temperatures. It makes life a lot harder - especially on the poor.

Researchers say the poor buy less food, but those with more money buy more groceries.

Parents, who are poor, eat less when they have to spend more on keeping their homes warm. Extreme Winter weather is tougher when it comes to respiratory disease too.

Those who are poor, again, are more likely to suffer.

"The very old and the very young - the weather is always tough. Weather extremes are tough on the very old and the very young," says Robert Heard of Cleveland.

Many parents will say they worry about all the school their kids are missing because of snow days.

"They are missing a lot,"added Nzekwe.

But, a recent study revealed that days off from school because of snow don't seem to affect kids much educationally. The problems arise when schools don't cancel because of bad weather and some kids are there and some aren't.

Lastly - You may see white, but car dealers are seeing green right now.  Research shows sales of SUVs increase after a winter like this one.

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