Rocky River residents worry about flooding

Rocky River residents worry about flooding

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - There are huge pieces of ice in the Rocky River and that ice worries residents living along the edge of the water.   Temperatures on Thursday expected to climb near 50 degrees and that could mean big time flooding.

Ed Abel's boat is parked in his back yard.  It is one of the most glaring reminders of what a massive ice jam did only a few weeks ago.

"A big wave came down from upstream, lifted my boat up in the air and slammed it down on the concrete. So my boat is a total loss," says Abel.

Tom Todia remembers what happened when the water had no where to go several decades ago.

"The last time in '94, cars were picked up and carried 50-60 feet and turned upside down.  It's that extreme when it really bursts," says Todia.

There's no real way to protect yourself, unless you are like Cindy Rudolph who says the new seawall on her property should keep the water away from her home.

"I think we'll be okay, but you never know," says Rudolph.

Most say the best you can do is be ready to leave if you hear the sound of ice breaking and jamming.

"I've never been in the middle of a tornado or a hurricane, but it's like that.  It's ripping everything out with it.  That ice hitting up against the banks and bulk heads just hitting up against itself.  It's just crunching forcing itself to get out of there," says Todia.

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